YES NO GOODBYE Coming this October!

A boy finds a toy. Or does the toy find him? Perhaps it’s not a toy, but a warning from the future.

Join THE REFORMERS as they present their fifth Halloween event YES NO GOODBYE. It’s not a play. It’s not a haunted house. It’s an experience – one only THE REFORMERS can offer. As usual, it’s an intimate affair – only twelve people will be admitted per viewing. A viewing lasts 20-25 minutes, with slots available at 7:00pm, 7:30pm, 8:00pm & 8:30pm.


While reserving secures a ticket, payment will be made at the event. Cash or credit cards accepted. Tickets are $10-$30 sliding scale. YES NO GOODBYE is a fundraiser for THE REFORMERS production of LĒR coming in March 2019. IF FOR ANY REASON YOU CANNOT ATTEND, PLEASE CANCEL YOUR RESERVATION.

YES NO GOODBYE is written by Caitlin Nolan and Sean Doran. It features Duncan Creagle Doran, Cleo Creagle Doran, Alex Albrecht, Nurys Herrera, Richard E. Moore, Jen Elkington, Caitlin Nolan & Sean Doran.

PLEASE NOTE: THE REFORMERS will not accost any audience members and will not press their agenda or beliefs. First and foremost, THE REFORMERS produce quality theatrical performances. THE REFORMERS will however entertain questions about their fellowship and will have literature available, both online and in print.