From the many to the one,
The Reformers welcome you.

Coming October 2022!

Lizzie Magie is an idealistic inventor with one ambition: to create a game that can change reality.

Lizzie Borden, alias Ellie Brewer, is an accused murderer fleeing her own disgraced reputation.

The two are bound together by an impulsive act of violence in THE LANDLORD’S GAME: a historical fantasy about feminine rage, the ravages of capitalism, and the origin of the world’s most popular board game, Monopoly. This full-length, immersive production includes an interactive game for audiences to play as they explore themes of women’s art, domestic labor, and what it means to be haunted — quite literally — by guilt. The stakes are high and the consequences are real.

This October, join THE REFORMERS for THE LANDLORD’S GAME, and you’ll see that sometimes it really does matter whether you win or lose.