From the many to the one,
The Reformers present


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PEEP into positivity with The Reformers as they embark on another unique adventure this Halloween season!

The Reformers have done everything in their power to encourage screams and chills each autumn for the last several years. Last year they managed to entertain in the height of the Coronavirus with THE STATIONS, a history of Halloween. As we face the never ending waves of Coronavirus and a society on the brink of collapse, horror is the last thing on people’s minds. So instead of fear, it is the goal of The Reformers to reverse the course of negativity with PEEP. PEEP is The Reformers way of giving back to society and bringing out some optimism and light. They’ve even brought on an actual earth witch to help focus the power! All they need is some brave audience members to submit their own energies to the ritual, er… show! What could possibly go wrong?

PEEP will have multiple viewings each night. Each viewing takes approximately 20 minutes. Each showing is an intimate experience – only twelve audience members are allowed in at a time! All Covid protocols are observed and audience members will be masked. All visitors will need to provide proof of vaccination before attending.

Please note that this show contains lighting effects that may be triggering to those with photosensitive epilepsy.

PERFORMANCES: Oct. 21-23 & Oct. 28-30th
VENUE: Inner SE Portland. Location will be shared once ticket is purchased.

Mishelle Apalategui*
Murren Kennedy
Geo Alva
Caitlin Nolan*
Sean Doran*
Amanda Boekelheide
Liz Hayden
Nate Crosby
Cleo Creagle Doran

Director: Sean Doran*
Producer: Sean Doran*
Writers: Sean Doran* and Mishelle Apalategui*
Stage Manager: Jenn Lindell*
Scenic Artist: Violet Aveline
Set Construction: Sean Doran*, Violet Aveline and Mishelle Apalategui*
Choreographers: Sean Doran* and Amanda Boekelheide
Sound Designer: Chris O’Toole
Costume Designers: Caitlin Nolan* and Mishelle Apalategui*
Lighting Designer: Sean Doran*
Running Crew: Duncan Creagle Doran & Leo Wood

*Denotes Reformers company member